Since 1972 the house “Sposa” led by Mrs. Asimina Siatra made its entry in the fashion industry for weddings and christenings. Starting on Ermou Street, the firm became actively involved in high aesthetics with finely crafted creations, which made her stand out from the early years and the House “Sposa” ranked among the top on a national level.
Through her constant effort, vision and love for the bridal gown and christening garment, she has, there since, been proven a highly regarded and dynamic presence in the Greek market by insisting on quality materials and the perfection of manufacturing.
Her daughter, Anna Siatra, who took over the reins, continues the tradition of quality following the design-unique creations of the House’s wedding gowns and christening garments. The young designer was nurtured in a high standards environment of the House “Sposa”, and her general studies and professional interest focused on maintaining the required high standards, which are now the most recognizable feature of the House’s creations.
Being in charge of the whole creative part of the firm, from selecting the best material and choosing top experienced associates, to the artistic design and execution of each stage of the creative procedure, she has been established as a leader in the field of handmade wedding gown and christening garment, while the firm is now running under her name.
The firm’s exceptional creations address those seeking something very special for such a unique moment, as well as associates and partners who share the vision and high quality standards of the designer.
Out of a wide range of proposals and design collection, Anna Siatra can fully meet your needs and cover the entire event of your wedding or of your child’s christening.
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